INFLUENCER INTERVIEW A très raffinée parisian and influencer

Discover Dolores, ever graceful and refined in her ethereal outfits.

Whether in dress or pants, long or short, Technicolor or monochrome, Dolores, a slenderiffic communication student, loves to wander around Paris – and the globe!  

My mantra: 

"There are always flowers for those who want to see them." It is a quote from Henri Matisse that I keep repeating myself, and that really helps me move forward! 

My favorite color: 

Blue. For the sea, for the sky…

My beauty tips:
I think the best advice I can give is "less is more"! I used to tend to use tons of products. It really didn't help my skin. I now have a 100% natural beauty routine and I've seen the changes!

The most unforgivable fashion faux pas: 

Contrary to what most girls would say, I love ballet flats! So I'd say leggings, camouflage prints, socks with sandals... But I am the first to proclaim that we are all free to dress as we want – the most important thing is to feel good about ourselves.

My make-up ritual: 

Again, I'm a staunch proponent of "less is more". I don't like foundation. However, I always brighten up my complexion with a nice blush. Then I really do the bare minimum: I brush my eyebrows, then I always do something with my lashes: sometimes I leave them natural, sometimes I wear mascara. A little bit of highlighter, some lip balm for moisturization, and off I go!

What do the following Bourjois product names make me think of:

- Betty’Amo: an Italian love song. 
- Fairy Nail: romanticism.
- Jour de l’Or: glitter and partying. 
- A la Fo-Lilas: a garden bursting with flowers.. 
- Moca Cabana: a sunset. 

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