Parisian Interview A tête-à-tête with Maëlys

Dive into the élégant and colourful world of Maëlys Guyomard, a fashion student at the Esmod school and art fanatic.

Maëlys Guyomard is passionate about art, culture and fashion and dreams of starting her own clothing line. In the meantime, she’s busy spoiling us by postinglooks which are originaux, élégants and inspirants.


My neighbourhood 

Palais Royal.

I like Paris for

Its architecture, history and culture (especially its fashion culture).

The city is full of richesses! 

My secret address is...

Le musée de la vie Romantique, la maison de Georges Sand. A très romantique spot to stop for a tea!

My work look is :

A blazer, a victorian style blouse, straight leg jeans, a pair of vintage BOs and mules

My date look is :
A pretty slip dress, heels with square gold heels, several fine gold necklaces and a beautiful blazer draped over my shoulders. Not forgetting a little bag for all of the essentials and natural make-up.

I never go out without :

My watch..

In my bag there is

A fashion magazine, my mobile phone, a small pocket mirror, my money and a notebook to jot down my inspirations.  

Every morning

I hunt for inspiration on Pinterest while drinking a green tea.

Every evening

I draw new fashion looks.

I drink my coffee

Long and without sugar! But I prefer green tea...

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