Meet Aurélie Coulet, a super stylish mom who creates lovely jewelery and candles that smell ever so good. It seems that Aurélie's days are twice as long as ours! Brimming with energy and creativity, this and candle jewelry designer stops only long enough to doll up and share her crazy looks on IG – always with infectious joy!



Your mantra?

Waking up every morning and telling myself that I'm doing something I love, and wondering what surprises the day will bring my way.

Your favourite colour?

Big question! I love soft and warm colours like camel and beige, but I can just as well wear head-to-toe gray or black!

Any beauty tips?

I tend to care more for my hair than my skin, although I pay attention to the products I use. Being a mother of two has changed my skin and my routine a lot: less exposure to the sun, more hydration, and especially gentler, less aggressive creams, especially on my face.

Your idea of an unforgettable fashion faux pas?
It has to be fake pencil eyebrows on a bald forehead.

Your definition of that je-ne-sais-quoi that defines Parisian girls?

They are comfortable in their own skin whatever style they choose, without worrying about what other people think. However, I think that the city itself has something to do with it: Paris is inspiring and very freeing, style-wise.

Your make-up routine?

It is quite simple, I wear very little makeup. I mainly use a day cream, then my foundation, and on top of it all loose powder, a little mascara and of course a touch of lipstick. I am far from bothering with hours of contouring and highlighting [laughs]!

Your favourite Bourjois product?

The Rouge Fabuleux range. The products are real gems. I'm a fan of the texture, ease of application, and especially its hold. It's truly a quality product.

What comes to mind when you hear the names of these Bourjois products?

Incogni-rose A very soft pink bordering on pastel. Poppy days A very fresh, sparkling colour. Red to-toes Red, obviously, as glamorous as possible! VIPeach A pretty peach color, not too showy, but still fun! Bouquet of roses A deep, fresh pink, a little matte, like the petals of a rose.

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