INFLUENCER INTERVIEW Parisienne, passionate... and an influencer!

Meet Constance, the genius communicator who takes on everything with a delicious passion.

Her universe is joyous, uninhibited, smooth, and of course not without a touch of ultra-glamour…
Constance unleashes her passions and whisks us away in her Parisienne wake at 100 kilometers per hour!

My mantra 

To win without risk is to triumph without glory.

My favorite color


My favourite Bourjois product
La Bourjois 1 2 3 perfect CC Cream.

My beauty tips 

I try to never forget to take off my makeup, to hydrate my skin and to be careful with things that could make me break out. As far as makeup goes, I always prefer a lighter product for my foundation (like a hydrating tinted crème). 

The Fashion faux pas to avoid at all costs 

Eyebrows that are too made up, without a doubt…or skin plastered with foundation that doesn’t match your skin tone!

My makeup ritual

I hydrate my skin, then I treat imperfections with a concealer before putting on my tinted cream. A bronzing powder to give it all a matte finish, a dash of eyeliner and a little bit of mascara, et voilà! 

What do each of the Bourjois product names make you think of?

Ivoir clair : a shimmering pearl. 
Jour de l’or : a landscape painted gold by a summer sunset.
Pearly nude : the desert. 
Rose-story : a love story.
Corail love you : summer energy.

Parisienne, passionate... and an influencer! Parisienne, passionate... and an influencer! Parisienne, passionate... and an influencer! trinket