Influencer Interview Parisienne, mystérieuse and influenceuse 

Meet Elena, the striking blonde who loves shaking things up. A luxury “ouvrière”, she works in the atelier couture for the fashion house Dior. Elena loves changing up her look, and is always flitting between urban-cool attitude and sumptuous élégance.

Your mantra?

All is well, and all will be well!

Your favourite colour?

I’m a real rainbow! I love everything, I wear all of the couleurs, it depends on the trends , the weather and my mood.

Your favourite Bourjois product?

The Rouge Edition lipstick collection - it feels so soft and   has great hold!

Your beauty tips?
I can’t live without my perfume and my hand cream!

Your idea of an unforgiveable fashion faux pas?

Chunky trainers with a skirt.

Your definition of that je ne sais quoi that defines Parisian girls?

Their liberté! As well as the elegance of the city, which seems to radiate through them!

Your make-up routine?

Micellar water, toner, day cream, primer, bb crème with SPF 15-20, blusher, eyeshadow, a pencil for my brows, mascara for my lashes, and a little highlighter on my cheeks, forehead, chin and nose. Then a slick of lipstick, nude for everyday wear and red for an evening look.

What comes to mind when you hear the names of these Bourjois products?

Hip Hip Pink: The feeling of being carefree, and freshness and sunshine

Brique-à-brac: A sunset over the water

Abrico’dabra: A summer in Provence

Fuschia beauté: 1980s fashion

Personne ne rouge: It’s Christmas!  

IG : @lenaruna

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