INFLUENCER INTERVIEW Parisienne, casual chic and influencer

Introducing Océane, the blogger behind The Blondie World. A lover of Paris, she uses her favourite spots in the city as backdrops for her chic, casual looks.

An event-planning and public relations student, Océane loves to share her favorite places in Paris with her community – when she’s not taking her fans on a trip to the four corners of the world! Here, she shares with us the secrets of her inimitable casual chic look.

Your mantra

"If there's a will, there's a way!" I try to apply this philosophy on a daily basis, in all my projects.

Your favourite colour?

Beige and white. I love natural, nude, light tones.

Your beauty tips?

I take my makeup off every night, even when I come home late and I'm very tired, because it's the most important step (along with moisturizing) to a nice skin.

Your idea of an unforgivable fashion faux pas?

Flesh-colored tights!

Your definition of that je ne sais quoi that defines Parisian girls?
Unbreakable self-confidence! Everything looks great on them and that's what makes them so beautiful.

Your make-up routine?

I spend a lot of time on my complexion: after moisturizing, I apply undereye concealer, foundation, powder, blush, and a touch of highlighter! I keep my makeup natural: a simple touch of mascara, sometimes accompanied by a thin line of liner and a small nude/pink lipstick to finish things off.

What comes to mind when you hear the names of these Bourjois products?

Nudi-full: lightness, the feeling of bare skin.

Amou-Rose: love, passion, the tenderness of a rose.

Moca-Cabana: sunshine, holidays, palm trees and a refreshing cocktail!

Framboise griffée: being greedy, biting into a fresh fruit.

I’m so plu(m)cky: self-confidence, a woman that is determined and sensual.

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