Influencer Interview Julie Sroka

Meet Julie Sroka, who works in beauty all day long. She shares her secrets for radiance with us.

Passionate about fashion, Julie Sroka is head of beauty development for an online agency. A true connaisseuse, she’s got plenty of insider secrets when it comes to staying fresh and radiant day after day.

@ lapetillante_ju

Your mantra

Love yourself and you’ll glow

Your favourite colour?


Your beauty tips?

A good moisturiser which suits your skin type, applied morning and night, 365 days a year! Also, always remove your make-up, to avoid imperfections the morning after. Oh, and my little secret? A rich, repairing cream which I only use at night, after my usual day cream, to reduce scars and calm my skin.

Your idea of an unforgivable fashion faux pas?
Ballerina pumps - they are my nightmare!

Your definition of that je ne sais quoi that defines Parisian girls?

The epitome of elegance and chic, laid-back but never outrageous, refined, proud, well-groomed, and always sporting great shoes. They are style icons all around the world, and their allure is unmistakable!

Your make-up routine?

First things first, I moisturize my skin - it’s an absolute must for a gorgeous complexion. Then I apply a light, fluid foundation to keep things natural, followed by a loose mineral powder and a yellow-toned powder, which I apply to any redness on my cheeks. As an optional extra, or when I’m tired, I add concealer. Step two: the eyes. That’s my favourite part! Mascara for a sultry look, and black eyeliner to bring out the blue in my eyes. Finally, I apply bronzing powder, and finish by dusting some pink blusher over my cheeks. The whole operation takes five minutes tops!

What comes to mind when you hear the names of these Bourjois proucts?

Taupe of Paris: New York.

Moka-Doré : Jewellery.

Plum'Royale : A luxurious hotel.

Hipping chic : La bohème.

Mauve'Martre : The Montmartre neighbourhood -  évidemment!

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