Influencer Interview A Fiercely Independent And Influential Parisienne

Dive into young designer Chloé's world and discover her Bleu de Vous collections of beachwear.



As cool as a summer breeze, 22-year-old Chloé Lecareux knows exactly where she's headed – and is off to a roaring start!  Her travels, which she journals on Instragram, are a bit of an invitation to l’Île Maurice, where her brand Bleu de Vous’ collections of beachwear are produced.

Your mantra

Happiness is only real when shared.

Your favourite colours?

Klein blue, beige, coral, gold.

Your favorite Bourjois product?

Bourjois products were my first makeup as a teenager. This was thanks to the colorful packaging and amazing commercials, which made me want to try everything! The name also sounds very French and girly. I loved it then, and still love it now!

Your beauty tips?
Clean your face everyday morning and before going to bed, drink lots of water, walk as much as possible and eat food for your soul.

Your idea of an unforgivable fashion faux pas?

Definitely Crocs or flip flops with socks. I just can't.

Your definition of that je ne sais quoi that defines Parisian girls?

Chic! I like the idea of "less is more".

Your make-up routine?

I like a natural glow, a really light foundation with some highlights, and pink cheeks with a bit of gold shimmer on the eyes.

What comes to mind when you hear the names of these Bourjois products?

- Rose Polemic: Barbie Pink.

- Corail Idillyc: The coral reef in Mauritius.

- Fraise remix: A strawberry milkshake.

- Pink Catwalk: Pink cats strutting down the runway.

- Fuschiamallow: A type of candy that could only exist in a Katy Perry music video.

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